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Best 5 Xbox One Exclusive Games of 2017

With great exclusive games for the PS4 like Uncharted 4 and Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain, Microsoft has to make sure they can deliver some top notch, high quality, mind bending, heart palpitating, dream stealing, attention seeking games if they want to compete.
And luckily for them, they have.

Here are the Best 5 Xbox One Exclusive Games of 2017


From what seems to be a mesh of Devil May Cry and Monster Catcher, the developers of Platinum game has put together a game that lost like a fantasy adventure open- world game where you play as a silver-haired protagonist whose pet and partner is a dragon,
Do you really need me to pitch anymore? Your best friend in the game is a dragon who can help you in your battles.

Sea of Thieves

Microsoft’s Rare Studio, renown for forever revolutionizing the FPS genre with 007 Goldeneye, is trying their luck with Pirates. You and your friends will take to the high seas in search of gold, land, riches and along the way must fight against other pirates, animals and …… creatures.
In an open world like this, it would be disappointing not to find some creatures lurking around in the world of Pirates. Where this game really shines is in the multiplayer aspect. Truly join your own crew and take to the seas. Pillaging and plundering the lands and ships you come across.
Is there anything else that you could do better?

Crackdown 3

The follow up to one of Microsoft’s most beloved titles, Crackdown 3 has more mayhem and destruction this time around. Literally, destroy entire buildings to get t your target. The co-op aspect of this game is where it really shines as you and your friends are able to set up elaborate plans to get your target.
You can either do this by means of deceptions and stealthy and sly or you can do it through tool annihilation of the targets crew and their building. It is completely up to you.

State of Decay 2

Is there anything better than zombies game. “Free-roaming games”, I hear you say? Well, then how about fee-roaming zombie games. State of Decay 2 is a sequel to the highly acclaimed State of decay game. Explore the vast lands of a decayed America and form bonds with people to survive.
However, be careful who you allow into your group because they can be wise than the zombies you must fight against. With stunning graphics, an amazing cooperative experience, hordes if zombies and a vast open world to explore…….. oh my gosh, GIVE ME THIS GAME.
State of Decay 2 sets out to truly leap heaps and bounds over its predecessor.

Halo Wars 2

Could there really be any other? Halo is to Xbox as Uncharted is to PlayStation. Yes, I said it. Halo is a beloved franchise and is without a doubt the franchise that made Microsoft such a force in the gaming industry.
The story continues the most epic tale of the never-ending battle and does it with incredible visual, an amazing storyline, superlative gameplay and overall a very joyous experience.

Final Thoughts

This list may have been somewhat subjective, anyhow though what are your top 5 original xbox exclusive games? Every year these titles keep getting better and better.

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Everything you need to know about Pokemon Go

One of the latest mobile gaming applications which is sweeping the nation with excitement and thrill is Pokemon Go. This gaming application is completely developed based on the basic principle of catching different types of Pokemon. This unique app promises to help in maintaining the health of the player. This app has individuals leaping out with enjoyment in actual.

This app makes use of another application i.e. Google Maps for placing them around the globe. Players use a tracking system to find them in the radius of 30 meters. More than nine million individuals are banding together to become the master of this game. The app has groups of friends browsing around their cities and towns to capture them all. Does it sound exciting to you?

Here are 5 standard suggestions to understand it better:


  1. Pokemon Star dust and Candy
  • Once you acquire the best quantity of candy depicted in the precipitate of Pokemon Go, it
  • Stardust is used to power up the battle level (CP) of your Pokemon.
  • When they progress they have the highest possibility of having a high quantity of this battle level.


  1. The Tracking System
  • The tracking system is located on the lower right side of the screen showing you which of them remain in a radius of 30-meter.
  • Notifications are based on how your personality releases an ongoing sphere practically like they are using echolocation or radar?
  • The notification shows the footmarks of each of them? Each footprint represents 10 meters.


  1. What all are the potential places to find the Pokemon?
  • Numerous Pokemon is focused in popular locations around you.
  • Look for them in their natural environment if you desire to find a specific type of Pokemon. You will find ghost Pokemon during the night, Pokemon of water by sources of water and turf Pokemon in forest and field.
  • Some Pokemon can just be captured by strolling a specific distance so that you can hatch them from eggs.


  1. What all items are important?
  • Products such as lures and incense will bring in the wild Pokemon to you; however, use them moderately as there aren’t numerous.
  • Make certain to get rid of any products to make room for much more to come.
  • Pokeballs are naturally an essential item which is used to record Pokemon.

Pokemon Go is still a new app, and not everybody has found all of the tricks. Collect your friends, go to their homepage, download the app, find the tricks, and end up being the next Pokemon master! Best of luck!

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How to Watch Latest Movies on iPad for Free

The standard and quality of Apple Inc. is always the great talk and people trust this brand to a wide extent. Apple is the only brand that always focuses on bringing up its products to evoke a revolution in the tech world. Particularly is the field of manufacturing and designing the computer software, personal computers and other such consumer electronics, Apple has really set a great benchmark for quality and durability. In particular, iPad is certainly one great product that sets new revolutionary standards in the fields of electronics by Apple. The very interesting feature of iPad is that the viewing experience is simply brilliant and amazing as iPad offers HD resolution quality. Moreover, the iOS store also offers some amazing apps that significantly provide some very high-quality movies to watch in iPad, as follows:



The most used and obvious app that is widely used by many iPad users to download the movies is the very popular iTunes. This is a default store that is offered by Apple itself, which loads tons and tons of movies and music that can be viewed or downloaded using the Apple ID. Many foreign language movies are also available here so that you can also practice learning languages.

Hulu Plus

The free but a key app for watching movies in iPad is certainly the Hulu app. The specialty of this application is that it serves as an immense library that consists of a great collection of Hollywood movies. A vast number of kids show more love and interest towards this application as Hulu offers brilliant choices of kid movies alongside Disney animation. Seamless streaming is another great feature of this application.


A vibrant app that has created a huge buzz in and around the segment of entertainment in recent times is the ShowBox app. The excellency of this application is its bigger database that consists of numerous TV series, movies, animation movies, and music. Moreover, this app can also stream and even download all the contents that are available in a high quality. In recent times, this application is the most browsed and utilized Movie app in iPad.


Another great and most famous movie playing app in recent times is the Netflix app. Ever since its DVD rental service, Netflix is still alive with many great innovations. Especially, with a great level of interface and regular updates in the movie lists and recent show, Netflix rocks the app world that suits iPad. You can also enjoy unlimited movies as Netflix offers 1-month free trial offer.


A brilliant app that offers trouble-free streaming at free of cost is the Crackle application. The best ever app that must be given a try when you have iPad in your hands as it is simply a great application. Crackle also serves as a great online supplier of numerous quality Hollywood movies and TV shows. No single money is wasted as this application works well on all platforms without any hassles.

Try out the above-mentioned apps on your iPad and enjoy seamless movie experience at low cost without any stresses. Meanwhile, you can also try MovieBox app which is highly recommended by our team experts. A new version has just been released, download now and enjoy. These are the very best 5 apps that particularly dominate the movie streaming apps for iPad.

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5 Common Water Softener Problems

Water softeners are very popular devices that are used to treat the hardness of the water and make it soft and pure for the using purpose. Nowadays people are going more for some of the alternatives to the traditional water softener systems. The major reason behind this move of the people is that a lot of maintenance is required by these systems. They require a lot of salts to be added and along with this many other problems regularly gets added to the device. Some of the most common problems that might occur with these traditional water softener systems are as follows:

  1. Blockages

Due to a lot of addition of salt and the already present minerals in the water, many deposits can be created at several points in the water softener. Due to these deposits, the lines are blocked and therefore, the path that is coming from the side of the tank is totally blocked. The two major areas where you will commonly find the deposits are filtered screen and the brine line.

If you are regularly facing some issues regarding the proper softening of water, you can check at these locations and clear out the deposits manually. You just need to go through the instructions properly regarding the steps to clean up these deposits from the device.

  1. Salt bridges

A lot of salts are required within the water softener for the process of water softening. This salt gets deposited over the device and in some highly extreme cases what is formed up is a solid bridge. The major reason behind the formation of this bridge is the formation of hard piles of sodium at the tank base. In case, you are not getting the softened water, then one of the reasons for it can be the salt bridge. The salt bridge covers the brine tank and thus it will prevent the normal working. Also, the process of regeneration will be prevented due to this accumulation.

You can use a broom handle and break the bridge of salt apart and then clean it up properly.

  1. Replacing and cleaning of the resin beads

The resin beads are used within the brine tank to remove all the extra minerals. These beads remain inside the container till its last breath but in some cases and conditions, it is required to clean these beads or replace them with the other ones. If the recharging power of the system goes down, it is a clear signal that cleaning is required.

  1. Motor Problems

There can also be the failure of the motor of the water softener. If the system stops working, there is a defect in the motor. You can check all the wires and cables of the motor and check if the connections are correct.


  1. Errors made by users

There can be some incorrect settings done by the user which can lead to improper functioning of the softener. The major problems that might occur can be that the salt is finished in the brine tank or the system gets turned off etc.

These are the few water softener problems that you might face.