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5 Common Water Softener Problems

Water softeners are very popular devices that are used to treat the hardness of the water and make it soft and pure for the using purpose. Nowadays people are going more for some of the alternatives to the traditional water softener systems. The major reason behind this move of the people is that a lot of maintenance is required by these systems. They require a lot of salts to be added and along with this many other problems regularly gets added to the device. Some of the most common problems that might occur with these traditional water softener systems are as follows:

  1. Blockages

Due to a lot of addition of salt and the already present minerals in the water, many deposits can be created at several points in the water softener. Due to these deposits, the lines are blocked and therefore, the path that is coming from the side of the tank is totally blocked. The two major areas where you will commonly find the deposits are filtered screen and the brine line.

If you are regularly facing some issues regarding the proper softening of water, you can check at these locations and clear out the deposits manually. You just need to go through the instructions properly regarding the steps to clean up these deposits from the device.

  1. Salt bridges

A lot of salts are required within the water softener for the process of water softening. This salt gets deposited over the device and in some highly extreme cases what is formed up is a solid bridge. The major reason behind the formation of this bridge is the formation of hard piles of sodium at the tank base. In case, you are not getting the softened water, then one of the reasons for it can be the salt bridge. The salt bridge covers the brine tank and thus it will prevent the normal working. Also, the process of regeneration will be prevented due to this accumulation.

You can use a broom handle and break the bridge of salt apart and then clean it up properly.

  1. Replacing and cleaning of the resin beads

The resin beads are used within the brine tank to remove all the extra minerals. These beads remain inside the container till its last breath but in some cases and conditions, it is required to clean these beads or replace them with the other ones. If the recharging power of the system goes down, it is a clear signal that cleaning is required.

  1. Motor Problems

There can also be the failure of the motor of the water softener. If the system stops working, there is a defect in the motor. You can check all the wires and cables of the motor and check if the connections are correct.


  1. Errors made by users

There can be some incorrect settings done by the user which can lead to improper functioning of the softener. The major problems that might occur can be that the salt is finished in the brine tank or the system gets turned off etc.

These are the few water softener problems that you might face.